I need some assistance with purchasing keycaps

Greetings Fellow humans, Human Fellas!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be making my own first(and hopefully last) custom mechanical keyboard.

I’ve selected all of the other parts. All that is left to do, is to get some keycaps.

Aliexpress, the vendor I am using, has a crap ton of keycaps to use. I’m having a hard time choosing just one set. I’ve boiled them down to these few. I’d like to hear your opinions on these keycaps. I’ll leave pros and cons of them to make it easier to choose.

Thanks and see you in the comments(after I wake up tomorrow). Bye~~

  1. 9009 Colorway PBT DSA Dye-sub Keycaps

    Pro : Mid range price, SUPER KEY WITHOUT WINDOWS LOGO, readable fonts, Looks clean.

Con : Not the most beautiful keycap available.

  1. NPKC OEM Keycaps PBT

Pro : Dirt cheap, Great fonts, Side print option

Con : Letters are a bit hard to read. SUPER KEY HAS WINDOWS LOGO, Not the most beautiful

  1. BGKC DSA Bee Ethermalimage

Pro : Eye catching colors, Bee themed, SUPER KEY IS HONEY. Great fonts. One of the most beautiful caps.

Con : Not centered letters, The most expensive

  1. Small Bee Big Carbon

Pro : Dirt Cheap, BEE THEMED. Has SUPER AS SUPER KEY, Also beautiful

Con : Orange is only available, Yellow caps are out of stock.

  1. Keypro Chunyang Cyan white

Pro : Great Font choice, Colors match really nicely. Middle of the pack for price

Con : WIN as SUPER KEY, No flair like caps

Edit: With some extra soul searching I have been able to find the perfect keyboard keycaps.

Found some rando white black oragne keys. Really good price and look amaizng!

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One additional thought - there is no reason to base your decision on one or two keycaps. Assuming one of the normal switches is being used, there are available replacement keycaps with custom, or alternate graphics. You can even order complete capsets with your choice of font, size, placement etc - or even side print with or without top print.

So - the logic in me suggests you take the one you like most, with the price you like most - and substitute the ‘offending’ keycap with a more congenial choice…

@anon3337769 might be able to help you with your custom keycaps. :thinking: :rofl:

Edit: found the picture of @anon3337769 keycaps.


There is no end to it. Trust me.

Here are a bunch of links to keyboard/keycap/switch/cable sites.




Missed a good one…

if you have Cherry compatible keyswitches…

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Of course.

Gateron Yellows to be exact

Those are some nice options you have. Sadly buying that would be too costly due to shipping and especially import taxes.
Does anyone knows a maufacturer in Europe (specificaly EU) who is making custom mechanical keyboards? There is nothing I can find in my country - it’s just all called “gaming keyboard” which just looks terrible and none of them has iso 105-key layout.

IMO, BGKC DSA Bee Ethermal

Reasoning: Pretty!!! I like pretty!!!


I like how you think wise Linux man

Just one key looks a bit ugly - second from left on the bottom row…

Not sure what can be done about it, though :grin:

Definitely not your average keyboard look, and all the better for it!

Yeah, unfortunately this was one of the $10 keycap kits so didn’t come with an alternative meta key.


$9 for a single key…think I’ll pass. The entire kit was only $1 more than that!!!

Don’t look into artisan keycaps lol.

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IMO, pretty reasonable for a custom made, custom printed keycap. They’re great quality, and they ship very quickly.

Yeah, but doubling the cost of a keycap kit for 1 key is…just not something I’d be willing to consider. I’d rather just live with the Windows key. :smiley:

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