I need help to disable notifications when on fullscreen in I3wm

What I want something like focus stealing prevention that some DEs have so that when I am on fullscreen I won’t see any notifications, looking around online it seems like it is already enabled by default on dunstrc, but looking at both dunstrc and I3 configs I don’t see anything that should change the behavior.

I have installed I3+Xfce, but did so on a previous version before it was supported and both my Xfce and I3 were/are pretty barebones (but I did take some things from endeavourOS .config that I liked and put on mine).

i3 config: https://ghostbin.com/WZdfx
dunstrc: https://ghostbin.com/tEAL1

So I was wrong and it isn’t enabled by default, the solution is to either uncomment or just write fullscreen = delay in the dunstrc file :man_facepalming:

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