I might not have the best laptop, but it runs great with a new SSD and EndeavourOS, but what should I upgrade?

Hello everyone! I just got around to installing EndeavourOS on my laptop, (yes yes, i know, its old and slow) and i got around to getting a new SSD installed also, runs very well now, but a little slow here and there.

I would really like to get some new RAM but DDR2 is getting hard to come by where I live, and its not too cheap. I cant afford a new laptop as i have medical bills i need to pay, but either way, i wanted to showcase my silly old machine, that still works!


If it runs well, it’s always a keeper :wink:
If you think your fan inside is super clean for good cooling, then the RAM upgrade would be great when you can.
Happy computing! :wave:

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Yeah, RAM for sure if you can afford it.

you could try to configure swap
though this does not work as “free ram”, it rather works as “giving your system just a bit more capacity to handle overloads” (for example, when a lot of apps are running at the same time, or with very ram-intensive apps, etc.)

Glad you got your Thinkpad SL laptop going. The SSD is pretty much the best upgrade you can get (I started with a Thinkpad T430s when I started with Arch).

Based on your specs being an Intel Core 2 Duo, I would recommend just saving your money. Do everything you can to learn linux and how it fits in your life. Then when you do need to upgrade, then invest in another laptop that fits your budget. Lenovo has great support (I always buy refurbished myself as I want a business laptop).

This is a great little section in the Arch Wiki where people post information about Lenovos and any gotchas:


  1. Why new RAM? Get used one and you will be fine
  2. Not sure where you live, but no option to order on the internet?

By new, i mean new to me. I’m not even sure they make DDR2 ram anymore, but 2x4gb configuration seems to be hard to come by, espically in my country, online or not.

Reading through it seems like your best bet would be to just save for now.
If you need even more space, possibly a large volume external HDD you can later connect to a new laptop.

Which command did you use to bring up the system information as you have done?
I’ve got a few different ones but none as clean as that one.


Very nice thank you.