I made a website for my independent linux distro

I also included EndeavourOS on Powered by section :)) https://reduxos.vercel.app

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Independent? So it’s not based on another distro?


Independent distro is a hell of an undertaking.

A website with nothing on it is like an empty journal when you’re looking for a novel.

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Yeah it is based on rdx my own package manager and base


It is not yet released

Very interesting. I will be keeping an eye on this.


Joe is also in the team :+1:


Also this distro would or can be the next ubuntu and fedora killer

Nice, will be interesting to try out when its ready

far out man, independent is not easy. that means you are creating your own package manager and repo I am guessing?

wish list of an AVID independent distro fan: choice of --init of sysd. shake it up: no kde or lxqt or gnome–find some cutting edges–if you have a small team you can manage 2-3 DEs. and friendly WMs. immutable is not cutting edge. make the Candy font/icon set unavailalbe in your disro:).

am excited at your project and double excited when someone does not say “It’s a debian fork”…or a fedora fork. etc…

It is the opposite , small team very much productive and it is easy

This is a very balled statement.

Good to set the bar that high. Good Luck!

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I need a red hat killer. Ubuntu is already dead for me.

Ubuntu is doing just fine at that all by themselves, I’m not sure you need to help.

Fedora killer - good luck.

I’ll definitely give it a spin when it comes out though.

oh yeah and i found out that ReduxOS was a trademark ig? because i found this is a game https://store.steampowered.com/app/975620/Project_DeepWeb/ and then i changed its name to WyzerOS which is even cooler but idk any logo idea for it now so i am stuck

Can you describe what your name means? I might be able to help you if I know what is the idea behind your name.

One more thing. I searched just for the word “Wyzer” Other businesses are using that name so be careful.

Another thing I think you can get around the copyright thing is by abbreviating the name. Like R3duxOS or something but better to do some research. Or RdxOS

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apparently RdxOS there should be a pronounciation for it and me idk about if i really have to copyright the name because the os is FOSS and me being a kid idk what to do , Wyzer basically i named it this because it was matching with the category , it would be built for enterprises , cyber sec enthusiasts , gamers and for heavy work like quantum programming , quantum research etc


So, I think using the original name would be ok. Because the game you linked seems to use the name within their game. I don’t see any TM statement on their website or the Steam page for that specific name. They should list it as a trademarked IP if they have trademarked it. They seem to have trademarked their game name “Deep Web” Other than that I think you would be good to use it.

But keep in mind I’m not a lawyer I just did some digging around on the copyright/trademark laws. Names can’t be copyrighted but they can be trademarked. If it’s not trademarked we can assume it’s ok to use.

Even a trademarked name can be loopholed. If just change how it is spelled. Ex: CocaCola if another company says CoocaCoola it’s considered different.

When i’ve seen ReduxOS, i immediately thought about https://www.redox-os.org :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Owwww thx