I made a simple script/service to change system colors at night:

Plasma has just about every feature a mouse-monkey could ask for. One thing it is missing, though, is an option to change system colors at dusk/dawn. So, I made it myself. This systemd service doesn’t have dynamic timing: it just changes colors at 7:00PM and 6:00AM. The default color schemes are just breeze and breeze-dark, but you can edit nightColors.service to change this (see the names of the schemes you have available with plasma-apply-colorscheme -l).

One neat feature I did include was to change icon sets along with colors, because you may prefer lighter icons to go with darker system colors. As provided, I’ve left the icon-change commands commented-out. If you have an alternate icon set that you prefer for night time, you can find the names of your installed themes under ~/.local/share/icons/ . The names of the folders (including capitalization) are the names that plasma-changeicons accepts, so just put the names of your icon sets into the relevant lines in nightColor.sh and un-comment those lines. You can also, oh course, find a line at the top which defines on/off time in nightColor.sh, and change that as desired.

To use this service:

  1. Copy the files into ~/.config/systemd/user/
  2. sudo systemctl --user daemon-reload
  3. sudo systemctl --user start nightColor.timer
  4. sudo systemctl --user enable nightColor.timer

Whenever you alter nightColor.sh, repeat step #2.

If you need help getting it working, you can ask here, but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to help. I made this as a project to help myself to learn Linux; I was barely able to figure it out on my own machine. Thus, I probably won’t be able to responsibly troubleshoot yours. But maybe someone else can!

Here is the github repo.


The idea is great; this should be included in KDE’s settings panel together with the night colors.

does home user need sudo ???

You are right, sudo is not needed. I did not know that. Too late to edit the OP, though, apparently.