I like ly (dm) because

So ly is a TUI display manager (login manager) that’s in the AUR.

I like it, not because of the “nerd factor” (Ooh, cool, retro text mode login screen!) but because…

For session, besides listing every WM you have installed (including an entry for .xinitrc specifically,) it has “shell” which doesn’t load X at all.

It’s very nice when you want to do some maintenance. I personally don’t care about flashy login screens, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

Plus, ooh, cool, retro text mode login screen.


It’s also in the chaotic-AUR if you don’t like compiling.

I think I’m gonna check this out!

Yep, that’s where I’ve been getting it for some VM tests.

Also for session choice lists “Default X session” which I haven’t tried, don’t know if that runs just X or startx and whatever is in .xinitrc. But it’s nice to have more choices. And it does remember your last session, and user name, and boots focused on the password field, so just as easy as a GUI DM and maybe a little faster.