I knew it … Windows 11 trash : - )

a customer of mine accidentally installed Windows 11,
upon restart Windows 11 refused to continue without an
internet connection and without a Microsoft account,
anyway we did not want to keep the installation, but format it
and back to Windows 10.

Just wanted to share this experience, like Windows
for me, was always secondary
to Linux, but now as being Windows 11 it ranges in my no go
list, just like MacOs.

Thanks to many special people out there we got
Linux to ease our ways !!


At least I am safe from “upgrade” because my 4-year old computer it apparently too old to handle windows 11. :rofl:


This only applies to Home edition, while pro doesn’t require it. This can be bypassed, however is not that straightforward.

I just want to know how you can accidentally install Windows 11? :thinking:


well, I do not know, the computer was brought to me,
for to be freed from Windows 11

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That’s the easy part! :grin:

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What a disappointing ending to your story.


That’s is a I hate Windows 11 more than Windows 10 story.

As soon as I heard Windows 11 announced after they said Windows 10 was the final and it would be just Windows moving forward, no new versions; I was like ‘Whelp. time to check back in with the Linux community and see how it’s progressed.’ Checked Distrowatch. Grabbed 10 different flavors. Built a Live USB. Tried them out. Ended up here. So far seems like good decision :smiley:


@Kresimir exactly :slight_smile:

there are 1000 reasons to leave Microsoft, I just picked one :slight_smile: personally, I kept a version for flight sim gaming, but also there is X.Plane which runs perfectly on Linux, so 0,5 reasons to keep it, 999,5 to use Linux instead. It is not so much about hate, more about pointing to “keep your freedom, stick with Linux” story : - )

Yet people switch to windows 11 because fancy skin

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* {
    border-radius: 20px;

Add some glassmorphism… idk how to write that in CSS xD

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It’s actually quite easy
Set background to something semi-transparent and just add backdrop-filter: blur(XYpx)

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Since 8 Windows is trying to get users to connect to a MS-account when setting up the system. Usually it’s enough to disable Wifi/disconnect Ethernet, go back a step, click next again and then a “I have no internet” button appears which allows you to continue.
At least that’s hiw it is currently on W10, didn’t install W11 yet.

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M$ is rolling out Win 11 slowly over their update service. Fortunately my wife asked me before hitting the upgrade button. You can choose to upgrade or to keep Win10. So if M$ decides your machine is worthy of Win11, it’s only one mouse click away.

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She asked you you you said yes? :grin:

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No, I could stop her. Now I have until 2025 to convince her to leave Windows behind. :smiley:


I have no real hate for Microsoft, after all I’ve used its products since DOS 2.1 in 1983. I only dumped Windows for Linux when XP was discontinued. But I wish the kernal was open to the point where I could, for example, install XFCE over Windows 10. Don’t laugh, I have the BlackBox window manager running over Windows XP. As for “old” hardware, I’m running EndeavourOS on a 10-year-old i7 from the Sandy Bridge era. I haven’t noticed that it’s slow yet.

yes, but plasma happens to be way shinier :slight_smile: