I killed the internet... Resolv.conf empty


I installed StreamDeck UI from the AUR via YAY. The last update didn’t go through, because gnupg didn’t update the signature.

I tried to fix this with linking the resolv.conf as in the last post here:

Since my internet doesn’t work, I have not a clue what to do to fix this…

I read about the Network manager being able to change the resolv.conf, but getting this and understanding how to is over my head.

Would you know some steps how to fix this in easy terms?

Thank you!

That person is using systemd-resolved. You can run both NetworkManager and systemd-resolved, but you need to set it up in a specific way to prevent problems from occurring if you do. I think it is more common to use one or the other.

If you are not sure, check them both to see what you have running:

systemctl status NetworkManager
systemctl status systemd-resolved

If systemd-resolved is not running, you should remove the symlink.

sudo unlink /etc/resolv.conf

Then restart NetworkManager.

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager

That should repopulate /etc/resolv.conf; you can check like this:

cat /etc/resolv.conf

Test if that has restored your internet connectivity.

ping archlinux.org
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