I just wanted to say thanks for the user_pkglist.txt feature

So I haven’t been on here in a while because I have been busy with life and such but The other day I decided to buy a new SSD for my PC and when I did, I decided to do a fresh EOS install instead of cloning my drive. When doing so, I was reading the “customizing the EndevourOS install” article that has a link on the welcome app of the live USB, when I stumbled upon the user_pkglist.txt and the fact that you can list out apps you want to install during installation. This feature is a game changer for me. It takes one more step out of a fresh installation for me. So I just wanted to say thanks for including such a nice little feature.


yes indeed i do use this often to try out new WMs or to reinstall my system with my personal packages list and dotfiles ( you can use the bash script implmentation to run commands on target )