I just got paid 150 dollars.for online Linux tech support?

So. This just happened.

I found this guy on the Nobara Discord having GPU driver issues on Elementary OS.

Oh Ubuntu based. Can’t be too hard to help out right?


What was supposed to be a judge in the right direction became a live tech support chat for 5 hours. For some dumb reason, ElementaryOS kept spewing error after error after error. It was one of the most frustrating issues to resolve.

We ended up nuking the install and just installing Ubuntu on it.

After a hard day of work(???), the guy asked for my PayPal and tipped 150USD!

Well I’ll be damned.

Always a reminder to help each other. You never know what might bless you next.


It’s nice to see your help is a appreciated by someone, whenever I had someone offer me money for the help I provided I refused explaining that it’s the spirit of Linux top help others and share knowledge, so that in return that person can do the same for someone else and then pas it on to someone else.


I made sure to triple check with the amount. I thought it would just be a small 15 tip but never expected it to be this large.