I installed EndeavourOS with a custom online installation but I'm stuck at the lock screen

I tried logging with tty but it says that the /home directory doesn’t exist.

It sounds like something was wrong in the manual partitioning step perhaps?

Would need to see the install logs to know for sure.

Since it is a clean install, it might be easier to simply reinstall.

Can you help me do it again? I’m trying with the automatic install but it’s not choosing my hard drive for /home

Are you trying to re-use an existing /home preserving the data or just use a separate partition for it erasing the existing data?

No i deleted all my data (I regret doing it)

In that case, you use manual partitioning. If you go through the process again, share a screenshot if that screen from the installer and we can let you know if it is correct.

Make sure you select the checkbox to format all the partitions.

Ok, I’ll do it

That is how my drives are (I was doing an automatic install but cancelled it after your reply)

Sorry, you need to do the custom setup inside the installer, not in gparted. Select Manual partitioning during the installation process.

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I’m on the installet and deleted everything to have free space on both drives

Are UEFI booting?

Sorry, I don’t understand.

Open a terminal and type these commands and share the output:

sudo efibootmgr
sudo parted -l

Also, do you want me to change the language?

Efi variables are not supported on this system.
And for the other:
Parted: invalid option – ‘1’
Usage: parted: [-hlmsfv] [-a] [DEVICE [COMMAND [PARAMATERS]]…]

That isn’t a 1, it is a lowercase “L”


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On “sda”, create single partition mounted at / and add the boot flag. Check the box to format.

On “sdb”, create single partition mounted /home. Check the box to format.

By the way I was on fedora before and i have root with 100 gb and the rest of the drive was part of home. Can I have it like that on EndeavourOS?