I have one (1) unread topic that doesn't exist?

Sometimes the forum is slow to update so I have to reload to get the notification for “New” or “Unread” to disappear.

This time it has indicated I have (1) unread topic for three hours and even a reboot (for other reasons), yet when I click on it there is nothing there…?

Bad luck :wink:

Seems you have someone on the blocked list who wrote something you don’t want to see.

,Well it sounded logical, but suddenly it just disappeared…

Or @Bryanpwo delete it :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

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I think I’m the culprit for this one. I had to delete and block a user a couple of hours ago for bad behaviour. When I do that all the posts being posted by that member are deleted.

It’s a drastic measure, I don’t perform very often, but in this case it was necessary.


Forums with good moderators are hard to come by. :slight_smile:
Yet another reason to hang around here!


Probably the guy trolling about KDE spying on us lol