I have accidentally mounted my external hdd to /home/user

so this just happened, my external hard drive was not mounting and neither had my usb thumb drive, so me not knowing 100% what i was doing in kde partition manager i set the mount point for the external hard as /home/user/ not realizing what that would do. it hadnt helped me in the moment but then i decided to reboot since my system had just updated. Upon reboot i noticed that it took significantly longer to get to desktop and once i was in desktop my display arrangement had changed, my wallpapers were set to default, my taskbar was naked, and i couldnt access a lot of the data i had before including programs like discord and steam. If anyone could point me in the right direction to how to fix i would be greatly appreciated as ive been using endeavor as my daily driver for about a month and being pretty fresh to linux as a whole only having switched from windows around 4 months ago.

You could use your EnOS’ live usb, mount your system partition (or subvolume if you are using Btrfs), edit /etc/fstab and remove/comment out the entry for the HDD.

If you need more specific instructions, please post the output of the following command:

sudo parted -l

Edit: I guess, you could edit your fstab from the current session as well and then reboot.

to piggyback on what @pebcak informs you I would suggest when inside the live environment I would copy the contents from the home folder on the physical drive that you installed EnOS on.

the last partition in ext4 is where my home directory is

i decided to leave the EnOS live usb because the /etc/fstab would open with nothing in it, but in the regular boot session i get this im unsure of what to comment out

Comment out (alternatively delete) the last line and then reboot.


thank you this worked im back in my original desktop and my external hard drive is mounting normally again


Glad you got it all up and running again!

And welcome to EnOS’ community @Kope!

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Welcome to :enos:-Forum @Kope !

Glad to see that your PC is working again.

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