I have a dell oled laptop, how can I adjust the brightness?

I have a dell oled laptop, how can I adjust the brightness? I found that eos can’t adjust the brightness.

That leaves very little for us to go on. Without at least your chosen DE, it’s hard to tell.

Generally there’s an icon on the task bar, as well as buttons configured and binded to the particular keyboard you selected upon installation.

I have googled for you:
Solution is for Ubuntu but looks to me that it can be done with arch too.


Thanks, I’ve solved the problem. :heart:

Thank you for your help, this method has the disadvantage that the brightness adjustment range is not ideal. I used oled-linux solution and so far everything is fine.

It would be nice if you could post your solution for the future reference and for those users looking for solution to similar issue. You could then mark that post as solution to put the whole thread in the category of solved threads in the forum.

What do you mean by “range is not ideal”? Can’t you just put in any number from .0 to 1.0? Let’s say .66 for 66% of max brightness.

Maximum brightness and minimum brightness are not ideal,Using oled-linux will work much better