I had an ID10t error last night

Long day, been planning a reinstall for a while, due to bitrot and my laptop was still on grub/Refind, machine started playing up, thought might as well reinstall.

I have two drives installed in my Legion 5, the one it came with 512gb and a 2tb I installed, the 512gb had windows on it, I just use it for updating the firmware.

So reinstalled, started moving stuff from my backups and got everything up and running perfectly (oh except I forgot to backup my swaync settings!!).

I installed to the wrong drive. Spotted it this morning, when I tried to mount the windows drive to copy something across…

The windows disk was in slot2, the one I installed was in slot1. Ooops :rofl:

I don’t know if I can be arsed to reinstall windows, never used it. But hey, I got my swaync configs back.

I just keep a copy of hirens boot to do firmware updates on my Legion 5 (still waiting for the one to deal with the logofail) never had an issue.

That was the plan, that is what I always did in the past :smiley:

Your subconscious mind wanted to erase the Windows partition. Can’t fault it for that :innocent:


that’s the only reason why I still have the Windows partition on my Thinkpad E495 xD
Although it is fully supported by fwupd but I never tried it that way … Once I successfully tried that Windows will be gone.

I might actually download windows, apparently ventoy can be used:

Will give it a test, to the actual point of the install.

My other half is visiting her dad today, so have a bit of time on my hands this evening. If I ever sell the laptop, it might be useful to be able to reinstall windows.

that is always possible. Microsoft themselves offer the ISO’s to install from scratch, the license key’s are usually somewhere on the hardware or in some recovery partition. If not, Key’s are available on Amazon for 10 bucks xD

Ventoy works just fine for booting up the Windows’ ISO and installing it.
Have used it myself a couple of times for the this purpose.

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@pebcak - good to know as (of last night) I live in a M$ free home :rofl:!!!

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Sounds great!
Keep the $ though! :sweat_smile: