I get “Boot Fail” every time after installing EOS BSPWM (solved)

I installed EOS BSPWM. After rebooting the laptop, BIOS enabled safe boot and when I turn it off after PC reboot safe boot turns on again. Because of this, I cannot enter OS (BIOS “Boot Fail” message) and cannot even start EOS live USB. I just stuck in BIOS and CAN’T do anything. What should I do?
When I installed EOS Gnome, KDE and i3wm multiple timesthere was no such problem.

log logs where are the logs! :wink:
Welcome to the forum, and strange issue you got, as till you reach login manager (lightdm) there is no difference from the system between BSPWM and i3wm installation… only if you choose different kernel or gpu driver (e.g. Nvidia boot option from the installer)

That sounds off - the firmware does not change itself - dual-booting Windows maybe?

But changing without intervention - that is highly unlikely.

I have only one OS installed (EOS BSPWM). And safe boot keeps enabling itself after I disable it.

this is not what Eos will do… bios itself could have an issue… like empty battery?


Try resetting the firmware to factory defaults.

One way to check if it is a CMOS battery issue is to shutdown the system. Remove powercord and remove battery. Wait a few minutes then power up without the battery.

Enter the firmware - check the clock - if it is e.g. 2000-01-01 then you know the battery is causing your issues.


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