I found a new text editor named FeatherPad

While scrolling through the Discover Software Center, I came across FeatherPad. This Qt text editor suppoorts tabs, line numbers, and a bunch of operations with the tabs including dragging a tab off the software and it then becomes it’s own standalone. The best thing is the speed with which it opens up. Simple and clean.



Hi @zoner

Yeah FeatherPad is great for using as a simple text editor. I’ve been using that as my primary one for a long time (2 years maybe?). Then I can use Kate for more involved stuff when needed. There is also FeatherNotes which is a handy kind of…well, the name says it all really! :grin:

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Better than leafpad? :scream:

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It replaced leafpad on all my systems immediately I found it. Will even run OK as root - and I love that it has dark mode for editing (as well as maintaining syntax colouring). My go to scripter now…

as you see… :grin:


I’m seeing a kind of Macish look to those windows?

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Well - I certainly didn’t want a Windows look! I haven’t seen anything I like better, so I live with the ‘association’. At least it’s clear what they do…


featherpad & feathernote is programmed of guys of lxqt; pitty its not in the lxqt group :slight_smile:
already using a while as sddm-conf-editor from aur for sddm, but currently using ly so not needed :slight_smile:

only i cant use plank, blaming i dont use x11, :slight_smile: feathernote & featherpad is nice, in terminal fpad xxx.txt also works.

Initial release 2016; 4 years ago