I don't know the meaniing of loop or squashfs

/dev/sde: TYPE="isw_raid_member"
/dev/loop18: TYPE="squashfs"
/dev/loop9: TYPE="squashfs"
/dev/loop36: TYPE="squashfs"
/dev/loop26: TYPE="squashfs"

A squashfs is a compressed filesystem.

/dev/loop* devices are used in this case to treat the filesystem images as block devices.

You haven’t really posted enough information to provide more information than that. Although, if I had to guess why you have those it would be because you are using snaps.

Yes, that is true. Should I avoid that?
Is using a lot of memory or space? Do you need more info?
Thank you for your help, Bob

That is entirely a matter of personal preference.

snaps, flatpaks and appimages use more much more storage space than repo packages because they don’t access to system libraries. This means they either need to bundle all the libraries they need with each application and/or leverage one or more shared runtimes which can sometimes be very large.

Thanks again, Repos from now on. Do I just uninstall the snaps, flatpks and appimages? Or is there more to do?

appimages are just files, you can delete them.

flatpaks and snaps you can uninstall. If you do, make sure you also uninstall any leftover runtimes.

Okay, you got me again. What are leftover runtimes and where could I find them. The newest of newbies, Bob

If you list your snaps/flatpaks they will show up on your list and you can remove them like any other snap/flatpak.

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