I didn't know Firefox could do that!

I did a search just for fun and FF gave me a cheat sheet, awesome!

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That is actually duck duck go(DDG) doing that.


Is that so?
Another thing I didn’t know…

Looking at it in more detail, it’s not really a good cheat sheet. It gives you some commands you’ll never use in practice (or shouldn’t), like -Sy and -Syy, and it omits others. Also yaourt is very old and mostly deprecated, and has nothing to do with pacman (it’s a separate program, a pacman wrapper and AUR helper, the predecessor to yay).

If you want a better (though still not perfect, I wish I could edit it, but it’s an old post) cheat sheet, here is this:

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I used to use sudo pacman -Syyuu when I used Manjaro. I was either stupid or paranoid. Probably both! :laughing:

When I used Manjaro I used to do all the updates in the TTY.

-Syyu is not at all stupid on Manjaro, since the mirror list is changed every week (which is more often than you update).

No it made sense to me then and worked without problems. That is in the past so I have moved on. Linux is a learning curve and I am no expert. Like life I still enjoy the trip!

Life has many roads to follow. Choose wisely and Linux on!