I created a (dark) Firefox theme for Gnome

Greetings lovely community,

I was never quite fully satisfied with all the various Firefox themes I’ve tested. No matter what theme I tried using, there was always some element just a little bit off or there were some inconsistencies with colors. A lot of themes didn’t quite follow the Gnome color palate as well as I would have liked. Some themes followed GTK3, others followed GTK4, but would use some default color values for Firefox that I changed to be more in line with Gnomes colors.

All editing I did was done by the Firefox Color add-on, so updating this will be seamless and easy. Since I use this theme myself, I will maintain it actively as needed. Firefox doesn’t have a habit of breaking themes that I’m aware of, but I’ll keep my eye on it. Also will watch for any Gnome changes any other color values around to keep it looking similar.

The look and feel I was going for was something almost identical to Gnome Web, but there are a few limitations to theming I can do without proper CSS. Here’s some screenshots below, feel free to test it, review it, share it, any support and feedback is very much appreciated.

If you have any suggestions to adjust to make it more in line with Gnomes colors please feel free to let me know. This is my first attempt, but I think it’s already in a great enough spot.

Edit: Forgot to add the link to the theme, sorry:

Install my Gnome Theme on Firefox Here


Forgot to add the link to the theme, sorry:

Install my Gnome Theme on Firefox Here

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Gnome Web has not been the epiphany I was hoping for, with its lacklustre WebExtension support and klutzy layout–that makes it a deal breaker for now. But I agree the look is good, so I have your theme on Waterfox and it looks great.


Thx for your work, the theme is looking great. Much better than the default greyish one.
Really like your theme a lot. :black_heart: