I can't use 120 Hz refresh rate in Plasma anymore

I have a Dell s2719dgf monitor connected to my GPU (AMD 6750 XT) via DisplayPort. It’s a 2560x1440 144 Hz monitor but I always set it at 120 Hz in Display and Monitor (KDE System Settings) since I feel it’s good balance for gaming and desktop usage.

Since yesterday, after I upgrade to mesa 22.3.3-1 and restarted the system, the 120 Hz is gone and I can only select 144 Hz or 60 Hz. Also, using VRR with 144 Hz causes heavy flickering on screen. Any idea on what’s going on?

I am having the same issue in sway.

Do you have VRR set for AMDGPU?


I turned off adaptive sync and it stopped the flickering, but im still missing a lot of different frequencies from the output of swaymsg -t get_outputs

I’m using Wayland, it should be on by default, I believe.