I cant launch a game on steam

Hey, sorry I’m kinda bad in english and in dev so I will probably be totally lost after the first answer but i’m trying to launch “Drug dealer simulator” on steam but every time I launch it the button come back to green and nothing happen

Game process removed: AppID 682990 "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DrugDealerSimulator\DrugDealerSimulator.exe", ProcID 17900 

So I tried to unistall it and it doesnt changes anything, I also tried to launch crack version of the game and it’s the same thing, nothing start
does anybody knows something about it

My bad for all the mistakes but I guess it’s a French thing to be bad in english…

You could have a look through here.

Thx so I didnt find anything here but after some research I found the command I wanted
thank you for giving me the boost that gave me the courage to continue looking after 2 weeks of strugglingz

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You’re welcome, enjoy your game