I can't install Bauh

Issue started by @akira02

you can try to install bauh for now if needed :slight_smile: Pamac works downstream it can take a little of some issues upstream like arch.

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Format your posts, please. Enclose code or terminal output in code tags (three backticks, enter, paste text, enter, three backticks).

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I can’t install anything. I follow the commands but nothing is happening. Basically the terminal starts the package building process but it stops there.

Anyways thanks everyone for the help but I am going back to a Debian based install. I moved away from Manjaro because I lost hours finding solutions. Beautiful project but not for me.

This issue is temporary, Could you post your logs when Bauh isn’t building?

To do so read this:

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pamac is defnitily a Manjaro project… if pacman changes things. Arch based general dont hold back. of you stil want a nice gui, Bauh can also do everything has less things with libalmp. it is not ARch it self is just creator dont develop in arch-testing they do it after that. Linux is always a thing with something

Confused as to why this was split, barely a mention of bauh here and it seems to continue the discussion on pamac?
Also, my comment on OP needing to format their posts definitely belongs in the original thread :joy:

However, seeing as OP is

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I suggest a lock-and-unlist on both threads.

It’s okay. Don’t lose hope. You can do it. Can you try running bauh from the terminal?

yay -S bauh --needed
bauh &

It will prompt you to enter your password. Look out for any error messages on the terminal and post those errors here.

Another thing you can do is to check if there are errors while updating through pacman.

For example: sudo pacman -Syu and watch for errors. You can then come back here and paste those errors so that others can help you :slight_smile:

You have already come a long way to run an Arch based distro. This will be simple enough for you.