I cannot get wired internet

Hello, this question might be answered in the past, but I’m also taking this post to interact with this new community :D.
Alright so I was trying to use my internet cable to get Internet, however It the system seems to do not reconize It. I have a dual boot with Windows10 and there I got Internet so It’s an EndeavourOS’s problem. Any ideas?

Have you tried using the other ethernet driver that EOS offers?


Hello. I’m running the command, but nothing is displayed. Also, yesterday I had wired Internet connection. This day started the problem

What does inxi -nN show?

Sorry for not being able to do a copy directly from the console

Looks like you don’t have a driver installed, you can use yay to download it.

yay -S r8169

Edited: r8168 driver is orphaned currently on the AUR.

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Please note that r8169 is a kernel driver, that should be visible by default.
Also, r8168 is currently orphaned in the AUR.

Is it possible that you have the kernel driver blacklisted? It might be blacklisted in the kernel parameters or in a file under /etc/modprobe.d or /lib/modprobe.d.

Hello, I found It in /lib/modprobe.d
I cannot test It yet, since in the public library I have no ethernet cable. But, I found on Internet that to unblacklist It I just need to comment the file, right?

First you could find which package owns that file with a command like

pacman -Qo "/full/path/to/the/file"

to find out why it is there.
Then you maybe can delete the file, or move it to, for example, /root folder.

I did what I typed before and seems to Work good
Thanks for your time you two guys

Edited to reflect that, thank you.

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