I borked my system by dual booting with nobara

I wanted to try nobara so i installed it. It uses grub while endeavouros uses systemd bootloader. I am not able to boot endeavouros. I go to systemd bootloader and then boot the system but stucks at this :cry:

Probably the easiest is to go into nobara and try running sudo update-grub (via terminal). That should give you the option on re-boot to select… EOS.

command not found

sudo update-grub
sudo: update-grub: command not found

I’m not that familiar with nobara but i think it may be using grub2? So it may be the full command for updating grub using grub2? But you’ll have to verify that!

 sudo update-grub2
[sudo] password for kd: 
sudo: update-grub2: command not found

If your EnOS is using systemd-boot, I don’t think you could fix your issue by updating the Grub form Nobara.

That’s not the grub update command. Please look up the info if you are going to use Nobara.

Edit: Probably @pebcak is correct?

then what do i do?

Boot up your EnOS live usb and post the output of the following commands so we can have som ideas about your system:

sudo parted -l


Indicate which partition(s) your EnOS is installed on and also if you are using mkinitcpio or dracut.

I’m not sure what happens in the case where you have an installed system booting from systemd and then install a system with grub bootloader. I’m assuming it takes over. So if you run the grub update command in nobara does it add eos? Maybe? Probably have to check os-prober also if installed and set in grub to find another OS? :person_shrugging:

Edit: As you say maybe it won’t work that way?

I don’t think Grub will pick up a systemd-boot system automatically.

Perhaps there might be a way to chainload it but I have never looked into it.

Also systemd-boot might be able to chainload Grub as well. I haven’t looked into it either.

So, in other words, I have no idea :sweat_smile:

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Yes its possible, usefull if you want to use systemd-boot and still have grub for booting a snapshot.

cool, thanks for helping

how do i do it?

Me either! I try not to get into chain loading grub or any other. I’d rather just use grub as it is installed or systemd-boot or refind without getting into a bunch of modifications. Normally somewhere along the line it’s just going to break. Especially if i do it! :wink:

Yes, KISS is good!

AFAIK grub can discover and boot other Linux (and more) OSes, no matter if grub is used on those systems. So, in this case, OP has to learn how to use Grub in the new OS. It is not Arch. If someone knows, they could help OP with some guidance.

Are you still trying to boot Nobara and add EOS to grub?

idk anything that works

Cool would be also to see some "real stuff " for anyone to be able to help :wink: :sweat_smile: