Hyprland - rotate view

I’ll ask this here, because I comfortable with being dim on here :smiley:

How do I rotate the view:

Say 1:2 two windows next to each other to 1/2 (one on top, two below).

Any ideas and hope it makes sense!

For example:

bind = CTRL, P, layoutmsg, orientationtop

Cycle to the next orientation:

bind = CTRL, N, layoutmsg, orientationnext

I only use the last option to cycle through the different orientations.

Can’t get it to work!!

Open two kitty windows:

Put in my config:

bind= $mainMod, H, layoutmsg,orienttop
bind = CTRL, L, layoutmsg, orientationnext

Nothing happens!

This is the layout settings I have:

dwindle {
    # See https://wiki.hyprland.org/Configuring/Dwindle-Layout/ for more
    #pseudotile = yes # master switch for pseudotiling. Enabling is bound to mainMod + P in the keybinds section below
    preserve_split = yes # you probably want this

master {
    # See https://wiki.hyprland.org/Configuring/Master-Layout/ for more
    new_is_master = true

This is what I expect:

I want to rotate the two window into this position.

Try it using the master layout not dwindle

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Long day at work, thanks @BendTheKnee !!!

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You’re welcome!

Are you using waybar? did you set this up or did you use a script? I’m finding setting this up myself difficult. I like the looks of your installation. :wink:

It’s the soldoestech script, somebody linked to it:


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This is the best script for Arch https://github.com/JaKooLit/Hyprland-v3 . Dev is really active and helpful. For noob like me, perfect :slight_smile:

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Yes… i have tried installing Hyprland so many times with arch install and Eos base and it’s too hard for me to figure out everything wiki or no wiki doesn’t help. I’m just a dumb noob. :sob:

So i too use the JaKoolit script. :blush:

You know definitely more than I about Linux. but I feel you, using those script is just “easier” :stuck_out_tongue:

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