Hyprland Rofi(app launcher Super + a) disappeas automatically after some 1-2 seconds

Hey all,
I am using endeavouros + hyprland
whenever I open the app launcher (Super + A), it disappears automatically without even me using any touchpad or mouse, so I have to lauch every app using terminal.
Hyprdots : https://github.com/prasanthrangan/hyprdots
Any help is much appreciated!!

Hey @minus_M1 ,
In my ~/.config/hypr/configs/Keybinds.conf

$rofi = rofi -show drun

bind = $mainMod, X, exec, $rofi

OR consider using tofi, fuzzel (AUR)

$drun = tofi-drun --drun-launch=true

bind = $mainMod, D, exec, $drun
$fuzzel = fuzzel
bind = $mainMod, Y, exec, $fuzzel

There are no multiple binds to A, I hope.

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Ok I will try using tofi