Hyprland issues with monitor position

Hello everyone! I recently switched to Hyprland and for the most part, everything works perfectly. However, I’m having some trouble setting the correct monitor positions. I’ve read the documentation and from my understanding I’ve configured everything correctly.

monitor=HDMI-A-1, 1920x1080@144, 0x0, 1
monitor=eDP-1, 1920x1080@120, 0x1080, 1

But the output of hyprctl monitors is reporting that HDMI-A-1 is at 1920x0. Not sure how to fix this.

what exactly is the error?

are you trying to connect two monitors?

if so, which one should be on the right and which one on the left?

in order to be able to offer you the right help, your formulation would have to be a little more detailed.

So I have my external monitor above my laptop display. The external display works fine, and there’s no overlap or anything like that. My issue though, is that since Hyprland is seeing my external monitor at 1920x0 (horizontally shifted right), and my laptop display at 0x1080 (vertically shifted down) to move between displays I have use the top right corner (laptop) or the bottom left corner (external). To have Hyprland match my physical layout, my external monitor should be positioned at 0x0 (no shifting).

As you can see in my original post, I’ve set the position to be at 0x0, yet something isn’t translating correctly. At first I thought this was just a wayland issue, so I installed Plasma along with it’s wayland seesion. My monitors work exactly as I expect them to, meaning it’s a Hyprland issue.

Here are my Hyprland dotfiles for reference:

I dont have second monitor so can not test , but I found something like this :

 # Example :






So maybe it can help…If not ask in Hyprland group

Hello @Shadjo ,
First letting alone the Empyrean-Void hyprland.conf and
using the default example Hyprland config

monitor=HDMI-A-1, 1600x900@59.9hz, 0x0, 1
monitor=eDP-1, 1920x1080@60hz, 0x900, 1

hyprctl monitors shows

active workspace 1
HDMI-A-1 (ID 1):
1600x900@59.978001 at 0x0

active workspace 2
eDP-1 (ID 0):
1920x1080@60.007999 at 0x900

and this vertical arrangement works fine for me.
Mouse pointer crosses the vertical border smoothly.
Super+Shift 1 or 2 works.