Hyprland Disable touchpad middle-click

I am forever accidentally middle-clicking and closing browser tabs. I would like to disable the middle-click at the lower edge of my touchpad (Thinkpad T490).
I set middle_button_emulation = false, which has been ignored.
Suggestions appreciated!

❯ cat .config/hypr/conf/keyboard.conf
# -----------------------------------------------------
# Keyboard Layout
# https://wiki.hyprland.org/Configuring/Variables/#input
# -----------------------------------------------------
input {
    kb_layout = us
    kb_variant = dvorak
    kb_model =
    kb_options = altwin:swap_lalt_lwin,ctrl:nocaps

    follow_mouse = 1
    touchpad {
	natural_scroll = true
	disable_while_typing = true
	tap-to-click = false
    middle_button_emulation = false
    sensitivity = 0 # -1.0 - 1.0, 0 means no modification.
bind = , mouse:274, exec, 

Might work???

Did you reboot after this change? Just trying to eliminate the obvious.


Thanks, basics are important!
I just rebooted after an update, and the problem persists.

Would i put that in the touchpad section just as you’ve written it?

It would go with your bindings, if separate (my config is all one file) and yes - copy and paste as is.

Just found this (again).
Thanks! That worked.
Apologies for not following up before.

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