Hypnotix on on Linux Mint

Hello, Very new to linux and Hypnotix
I am trying to edit the provider list and I do not see the provider file you refer to in the post :frowning: I also do not see a file named freeiptv. Any guidance adding, changing & removing providers would be greatly appreicated. Or someplace I can find resources for using Hypnotix.
I have read a post that stated the freeiptv location, but I do not see that same files structure and do not see where I need to edit.

If you are running Linux Mint. You need to ask about it on their forums. It is not polite nor encouraged to ask about problems with another distro on another distro’s forum.


Mint users are known for this. In the German forum ubuntuusers.de there is a dispute for many years because Mint users claim that Mint is the better Ubuntu, but still demand support in Ubuntu forums.

Out of interest in the matter I have installed the deb package in a Lubuntu live VM as a test. Focal daily. In Bionic the dependencies cannot be resolved.

@MrT, yes, the frontend offers almost no settings. But the file you are looking for is automatically present:


The tilde indicates your home directory.

A dot before a directory or file name means it is hidden. So you have to display hidden directories and files in your file manager. Depending on the file manager you press [ctrl] + [.] or [ctrl] + [h].

freeiptv is an m3u file w/o the extension. You could edit with any ascii editor.

But it also means that you don’t really need hypnotix. You can load its m3u files or single entries from it into vlc for example.

Btw., hypnotix is also in the AUR. You really don’t need Mint. :sunglasses:


Seems the OP is very new to the internet too… :roll_eyes:

I installed Hypnotix from the AUR to get a feel for it. I found it limiting. I did notice that the file in question was automatically created when installed.

@anon59292972, not really, MrT joined forum.linuxmint.com (assuming it is the same) on 2017-06-20. So it is even less understandable that he now asks in a forum of a completely different distribution.

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I was being somewhat sarcastic (hence the :roll_eyes: ).

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OMG axt Thank you for the information; the problem I had was that I didn’t know it was hidden, I should be able to get to it now. I apprecaite the guidance on this!!!

To the others:

  1. I am new and this is the first time I have entered this forum and as I am new I clearly didn’t understand that I should have asked my question elsewhere. NOTED. I will try to keep things straight next time I have an issue so I do not upset those a little more sensitive.

thank you all.