Hybrid : Arc + Papirus icon pack

Hi love Papirus icon pack

But dont like their folder icons

So iwant to replace Papirus default folder icons with arc folder icons

How can i do that?

all icon names mostly got some type of names, but just copy a theme in .icons

try to replace respective icons… give a own name the folder and in index.theme

from there you start…its also easily to find it

create a new icon theme, just copy the papirus one and called it papirus-new (or whatever)
open the index.theme file and change the name there and change the inherit line to inherits=arc (or whatever the arc icon theme is called), then delete all the folder icons from this new theme


But i dont want all arc icons
Just icons for folders

Rest apps will use papirus

Wheb it inhirent arc it will fill the missing icons you removed of papirus

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Have you tried papirus-folders package before? It’s what I use with papirus-icons and love that I can change all the folder colors easily. Check it out here if you’re curious (it’s in the AUR btw):

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Yes, i tried that

Just dont like Papirus folder icons in any color

Arc has cool folder icons

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