Hwmonitor-like application for Linux

Is there an application like hwmonitor for linux? I mean a program with a graphical interface, and which shows various data in addition to the temperature of the CPU (such as the power absorbed by the processor or video card, or the speed of the fans and so on)?

I have the kde desktop, but the sensor you can set doesn’t fully satisfy me. This is why I’m asking if there is a slightly more complete application, possibly with a graphical interface.

conky is what I use for that. It comes with a very basic configuration but can be configured to just about anything.

You will find a lot of configs on the internet if you look for it.

There is also a topic here on the Forum to show off configs:

Although it takes some time to get it 100% configured just the way you want it, it is definitely worth it.


I agree regarding Conky. I also use it and after some work it has everything I wanted. Simple yet powerful.

There is hardinfo and i-nex.

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I forgot to mention. You could also take a look at Mission Center.

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It is great stress test but it is also has nice hardware monitor

glances has many features, with a tui. Shows temperatures too.

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