Huge metadata usage with BTRFS Kernel 6.7

This has been reported before Deleting BTRFS snapshots in TImeshift MURDERS free space - #7 by keybreak, but that topic is closed, so I cannot comment on that.

Staying on kernel LTS fixes the problem, but I wondered if anyone tried the non-LTS kernel. I seem to understand that the problem is still there, isn’t it?

The problem has already been fixed in the current kernel 6.7.7+. This was confirmed through my testing in my VM.

Didn’t the problem only occur when you ran balancing?


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No: I never ran balance and I realized about the problem because my disk was getting full.

I see.

A little bit of searching I did indicated that the problem occurred when running the balance on the file system. that’s why I asked.

If you mentioned in this topic that the problem is excessive metadata usage, have you enabled btrfs-maintenance to automatically trigger balancing without you noticing?

No, I don’t even have btrfs-maintenance installed…