HSP/HFP unavailable with bluetooth

Up until today, I could switch to HFP in pavucontrol (HSP has never worked). Today, the only thing that has worked has been A2DP sink. I’ve tried this and this, but they haven’t worked. I’ve also tried installing pipewire instead of pulseaudio, restarting the services, blocking and unblocking bluetooth with rfkill, rebooting, restarting bluetoothctl with power off and power on and restarting my bluetooth headset.

This is what I see when I try to switch to HFP/HSP. Does anyone know what is wrong?

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With that, I can switch to HFP, but I cannot hear any audio with the HFP profile. Restarting bluetooth through systemctl or rfkill does nothing.

I’m sorry i don’t just have answer for you. Troubleshooting and following the Arch wiki is all i can recommend.