HP Printer doesn't print (HP ENVY 5000)

I have an HP printer. It is detected, I have used the hp-setup command, I can scan with it, and I can send print jobs to it which the printer then tries to execute… unfortunately, the printer doesn’t actually print anything to paper, not even a test page. All sheets of paper come out blank. I have run hp-check and I’m not entirely sure what to do with the information.

Here’s the piped output of hp-check: https://privatebin.net/?f08468ab02e05180#3WMmYjKGYH9Tx699y14cHazMLr1pLVYaXP2smjn9HQaL

I’m not an expert with this, but you’ve got four errors in there that indicate you are missing some services and/or packages:

DBUS may not be installed or not running

python3-notify2 needs to be installed
python3-pyqt4-dbus needs to be installed
python3-pyqt4 needs to be installed

However, I’ve got the same errors and my HP M127FW scans and prints just fine, so I don’t think they are relevant. It’s most likely something else.

If the printer is spitting out paper, and there are no errors, it sounds like the printer thinks it’s printing. Are you sure you have good ink in the printer; i.e., not dried up?

Does it scan to your PC okay?

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the reason you have blank pages is because you do not have a printer driver installed. you have to make the print dialogue box fetch and install the print driver.
if that’s not possible then install hplip package from repo. even hp reccomends you do that for its linux printers, source: https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/

I’m aware of that, but I have no idea what to make of them or how to address them.

Now that is interesting to know.

It scans just fine, yes. I’ve tried to tell the printer to print something on its own, i.e. not from my PC, and it’s still spitting out blank pages. I’ve looked up how to check the ink cartridges and, indeed, they appear to be the problem. The tri-colour cartridge is spitting out only cyan and the black cartridge seems barely useable. I’ll try to get them to work again, the printer is saying that there’s still plenty of ink left in them, but if that doesn’t work, I know to get new cartridges. That should do it. Thank you.

Not sure what you’re on about. cups, related packages, and hplip are already installed on my system, so I doubt that that’s the issue.

nine times out of 10 a blank page is a driver. I stand corrected.

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