[HowTo] Convert Manjaro to EndeavourOS

Are you speaking of the thread here or the one on the distro that we have to not tell the name as @FredBezies often told on his videos ?

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this one

Amazing post! I don’t know why but I think this will be very useful :sweat_smile: :innocent:


In a sense, I’m agree with You, in the same time we couldn’t blame them if they want make EndeavourOS their other home, they do what they want. Until they don’t bring the actual hard context here. Then they understood and reacted fast from our ask, they showed good intention.

Now about the convert a distro in another one, I remember @FredBezies long time ago already who propose to make EndeavouOS a pure Arch, there is nothing bad in that, after all Arch is the mother of EndeavourOS ! Lot of us pass from a distro to another one to test and learn.

I remember that this is EndeavourOS Anniversary and Devs deserve to have relax time this summer after all they accomplished in 1 year, this is here the most important.


I agree with you, but there are ways to do it.

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Yes, but we could understand the actual context, I’m sure they are enough clever and they would understand also our context soon. Just need a little time for it.


for me it’s a reminder of the rules.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but this thread does help people who want to transition from Manjaro.
Just let everyone try and find their way in an easy way. :wink:


Do you have any of idea of the “extra work with NVIDIA” ? I have an RTX 2070 and was interested in moving from manjaro XFCE to endeavour. I also don’t mind clean installing as long as I can transfer my customized environment and preferences over. Thank you for making this guide.

The extra work is remove any and all
Manjaro kernels + modules

And install arch kernel + nvidia-dkms


With an RTX 2070, I assume you are a gamer? If so, you might want to use the 5.7 zen kernels. From what I read today, those kernels have the FSync/Futex patches in it.

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I am using the 5.7x kernel on manjaro which have those patches. Thanks for the heads up! I will make sure to install linux-zen and linux-zen-headers.

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Just to make sure I am correct, I will need nvidia, nvidia-dkms, nvidia-utils, opencl-nvidia. I use opencl for video editing. Anything specific to remove the kernels and modules that is not in Jonathon’s post?

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I managed to successfully migrate from Manjaro to EndeavourOS, hooray! I do have one question, how do I have grub and neofetch show endeavourOS. Grub says boot manjaro linux and neofetch/os-release/lsb_release say Manjaro Linux x86_64 with linux-zen kernel.


I think installing the package eos-hooks will fix that (not entirely sure, though). Also install eos-log-tool and eos-update-notifier.


I installed those and rebooted(just to make sure). It did fix os-release, but not neofetch and the grub menu obviously. I did try to reinstall neofetch.

Sorry guys, I also moved from Manjaro to EOS just last week and I say the best way is a clean new installation. The time required is not much different, but you learn a lot of new things just by doing that.


What is the output of cat /etc/lsb-release ?

Also, there could be a remnant file /etc/manjaro-release from Manjaro. This file does not exist on a clean Endeavour install, so you can delete it.

EDIT, it’s /etc/manjaro-release not /etc/release, sorry. Also, check /etc/arch-release

None of those files exist.

Do you have the package lsb-release installed? If not, install that one, too.