How would I remove kde and install gnome

I’ve been happy on KDE but I want a proper dock. Latte dock is going away soon due to Wayland, I read. I won’t change my workflow, so I’m going back gnome.
I moved from gnome to kde a few months ago because of some insane wait time to login. That bug is likely fixed now, so hi ho, it’s off to gnome I go.
Looking back at my history, my upgrade path went along the lines of

sudo pacman -Syu
eos-packagelist KDE-Desktop | tee kde.txt
eos-packagelist GNOME-Desktop | tee gnome.txt
sudo pacman -Rc - < gnome.txt
sudo pacman -S --needed - < kde.txt
sudo systemctl enable sddm.service --force
sudo systemctl reboot

So would the reverse be:

sudo pacman -Syu
eos-packagelist KDE-Desktop | tee kde.txt
eos-packagelist GNOME-Desktop | tee gnome.txt
sudo pacman -Rc - < kde.txt
sudo pacman -S --needed - < gnome.txt
sudo systemctl enable gdm.service --force
sudo systemctl reboot

If you would like to start with a fresh home directory (with no trace of KDE config files and folders), have a look at the following post. You would of course need to adapt it to your situation and also not to restore your config files and folders all at once but kind of on a per case basis as you go for not getting back anything you don’t want.

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where did you read that? I used latte dock on wayland in the past, not sure why it shouldn’t work in the future, too.
I am not using the modifications that latte dock offers anymore so currently I am running only a stock task bar.


We need to use at least:

* **Plasma >= 5.24.0**
* **PlasmaWaylandProtocols >= 1.6.0**
* **Qt >= 5.15**

It definitely is wayland compatible.

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Its clearly not a wayland issue.

No one is maintaining it since the author stopped. Also some rewriting will be needed for it to work on Plasma 6. Officially the KDE team have taken the flambeau (torch) but they currently prefers working on the official panel (good move IMO).

Such a shame to see so many people chilling it but when the author decide to stop maintaining it, no one want to give some time to fix the multiple bugs Latte dock suffers from.

But lets be honest, since Plasma always evolve its really hard to keep up without giving up lots of hours. Updates can break your highly customized plasmoid without warning, this is exactly why the author stopped working on it.

I’ve seen ex-Latte users liking the Plasma 6 panel so maybe you can also give it a try :yum:


Latte Dock has become an official KDE part a little time after its developer announced that he is going to abandon it. It is now maintained by KDE, it has moved away from the AUR to the EXTRA repo & (of course) it is fully compatible to Wayland. In the link you will see commits as old as a week ago.
There were fears of it being a dead project when its developer gave notice of his intentions, maybe you read one of those back then? Or are there newer news that it’s not going to make it in Plasma 6? :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually did use a panel and it wasn’t bad. The deal breaker there was that every time I clicked on a dock item, it opened a new instance.

I also tried that awful icons only widget inside a panel to get the best of both worlds. After struggling for a bit to make it halfway decent, I gave up

Huh. So plasma 6 did bork latte. I did create a panel to act as a dock and it messed my workflow. I couldn’t click on my new dock to get the old instance back - it opens a new instance.
Well, KDE, you were hot, seductive and ultimately not marriage material. I’ve gone gnome now. See ya in another few years :slight_smile: