How would I go about changing my default Terminal Emulator?

Hello! I’m relatively new to Linux and Endeavour and I’ve been having a blast changing up and hacking around in my system. This isn’t so much of a tech support question as much as it is a tech “pre-support” question because I want to make sure I don’t cause any potential issues.

The default terminal emulator that gets installed with the Qtile version is Xfce, but I want to change it to Alacritty and delete Xfce. However, I’m kinda worried that if I delete Xfce it can cause compatibility issues with other programs. I know that the eos-welcome app has several commands that spawn a terminal, like the update manager or whatever, so I don’t want to break that by removing the terminal. I also know in the configs for Qtile that I can change the default terminal there pretty easily by changing a single variable, but I don’t know if that interacts with any other packages on the system or if it’d be just for Qtile.

So my question is, then, how would I go about changing my default terminal for these apps from Xfce to alacritty. Would I need to go into the configs for each individual app and change it or is there some sort of way I can universally change the default app so I don’t break anything?

I think all you have to do is install alacritty and then change the keyboard shortcut from the xfce terminal to alacritty or use any other shortcut you like. After you confirm everything is working you can uninstall xfce terminal or leave it be.

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Just tested this. After changing the command alacritty does open as expected via qtile commands but the welcome manager opens xfce when running it’s update. If I deleted xfce right now couldn’t that cause issues?

Check /etc/eos-script-lib-yad.conf for supported terminals in eos apps.

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eos-welcome supports a lot of terminals:

local suitable_terminals=(

If it can’t find one it will use one of the others.

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Oh so it’ll just be fine by default then? I’m guessing this would be true for pretty much all apps that use a terminal?

Some may depend on an environmental variable, some on your qtile config. Basically if it works it works!

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