How to use RDP form windows to EOS

Hello guys

As this topic, I’m trying to use RDP to control My EOS but it doesn’t work

it shows
Connecting to sesman on
sesman connect ok
sending login info to session manager. Please wait …
login successful for user [xxx] on display 10
error loading specified in xrdp.ini, please
add a valid entry, like or similar

I’ve try to use Remmina but doesn’t work either

is there any suggest to fix it or ways can remote my EOS from another PC?

RDP is Windows only.

You need to look into either X11-forwarding via ssh or set up a VNC server if you need a real graphic remote interface.

Most linux systems are sufficiently controlled via tty-only ssh, the graphical alternatives are not really widely used. Personally I only used X11-forwarding for single applications once or twice so I am definitely the wrong person for detailed instructions.

Doesn’t freerdp provide remote desktop also for Linux? I mean as a server.

Try x2go, so you can set up a remote desktop connection from Windows to a Linux system.

for more information read this

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