How to use phc-intel?

I’m trying to undervolt my CPU (i7 2600k) by following the wiki.

I installed phc-intel from the AUR, and I have linux-headers installed. But when I do sudo phc-intel setup, I just get the help page because the setup option apparently doesn’t exist. And sudo systemctl enable dkms-phc-intel.service gives me Failed to enable unit: Unit file dkms-phc-intel.service does not exist.

What am I missing?

It looks like the wiki instructions don’t match the current package.

It seems to install the dkms modules when the package is installed so you probably don’t need setup. That service file is not included with the current package.

But how do I use it then? The files, for example /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/phc_controls don’t appear.