How to use pacman(Command of pacman) to install "Add or Remove software Or Pamac

I saw all the threads for installing pamac(gui) or “add or remove software” they use yay but i want to use pacman…

Can someone tell me if we can install pamac using pacman in terminal

Noob here so need easy steps

Also if any option comes help to choose which one


Not in an obvious way. pamac is not in the repos. You need to use yay or another AUR helper to build it from AUR.

You could install a 3rd party repo and then use pacman to install but that carries risks.

Likewise, you would build the package with makepkg and then install it using pacman. Since that is that same thing that yay does for you this doesn’t add a lot of value.

I see thanks for the reply

Can you see me all the steps for yay to install pamac gui one

also whats are the options that comes while installing and what to select


If you want snap and flatpak support:

yay -Syu pamac-all

If you don’t:

yay -Syu pamac-aur

The best thing to do is to carefully read the prompts and decide what you want.

However, if you press “enter” all the way through it will take the default options.

4 pamac-all (Build Files Exist)

3 libpamac-full (Build Files Exist)

2 snapd (Build Files Exist)

1 snapd-glib (Build Files Exist)

==> Packages to cleanBuild?

=> [N]one [A]ll [Ab]ort [I]nstalled [No]tInstalled or [1 2 3, 1-3, 4)

Which one to choose and what is this?

That is the list of packages that will be built.

It is asking which ones you want to cleanbuild.

To cleanbuild means to erase the old build files and build from scratch. Since this is a new install, it doesn’t matter, there are no old build files.

In general, you would normally only cleanbuild something if the build fails.

Since N is the default, you can press enter their.

I see now another one poped up this is :

4 snapd-glib (Build Files Exist)

3 panac-all (Build Files Existi)

2 libpamac-full (Build Files Exist)

1 snapd (Build Files Exist)

Diffs to show?

[N]one [A]LL [Abjort [1]nstalled [No]tInstalled or 1 2 3, 1-3, 4)

Since this is the first build, there is no difference in the PKGBUILD to show. So you can press enter here to proceed. Next time when the packages get updated you can choose (or not) to see the diffs.


Diffs show you the changes. You should usually choose A here and review the changes.

In this case, it is a new install so if you view the diffs it will show you all the files.


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