How to use custom app launch icons?

Using EOS with Gnome 45, I would like to apply a custom app launcher icon to a few apps. One icon I’d just like to change and the other is the icon for Zenkit which is entirely missing.

I used admin:/// to enter Nautilus as root, navigated to usr/share/applications then clicked on properties for the app and applied the custom icon, which did not work. The icons I’m using are png.

What would be the proper way to go about changing an apps launch icon?

First. There is no point in modifying those files. They will get overwritten the next time the package updates. In general, you should never need to modify the files in system locations like /usr.

Copy the .desktop you want to modify to ~/.local/share/applications. Then edit the file and replace the Icon= line with a path to the icon. If there is no Icon=, you can add it. It should look like this:


There are also applications that can do this for you such as alacarte

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Thank you @dalto ended up going with Alacarte and it works great. I didn’t know about those previous files I was attempting to edit being overwritten on updates, was going off of search results that showed that as a solution. :man_facepalming:

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