How to use chromecast behind a firewall

I have a Google TV chromecast on my projector and have Vivaldi installed in EOS as my “Chromium based browser”.
Do I really need to cast from my PC to my projector? … NO
Did I set the firewall filter up anyways? … YES
Why? … Because there wasn’t a pre-defined filter for it in firewall-config and this was a chance to make sure I could set one up on my own.
Anyway, screen-grab below for anyone who wants to set it up themselves…This is using firewalld. gufw will be different but those are the same ports that you need to open.


EdIT: Changed the title to be more descriptive.

No objections if that helps clarify :slight_smile: Maybe should still specify this is the config for firewalld though. I’ll make the appropriate edit to my OP.