How to use chromecast behind a firewall

I have a Google TV chromecast on my projector and have Vivaldi installed in EOS as my “Chromium based browser”.
Do I really need to cast from my PC to my projector? … NO
Did I set the firewall filter up anyways? … YES
Why? … Because there wasn’t a pre-defined filter for it in firewall-config and this was a chance to make sure I could set one up on my own.
Anyway, screen-grab below for anyone who wants to set it up themselves…This is using firewalld. gufw will be different but those are the same ports that you need to open.


EdIT: Changed the title to be more descriptive.

No objections if that helps clarify :slight_smile: Maybe should still specify this is the config for firewalld though. I’ll make the appropriate edit to my OP.

Hi thanks for sharing!
I am a new Plasma EndeavourOS user (used Manjaro Gnome before).
Had an issue where no chromecast devices could be found in chrome and that resolved the issue for now so thank you very much.

But… opening 30.000 ports does not sound that great or is that not that big of a deal as my router has it’s own firewall and that is only affecting my local network?