How to upgrade to Cassini without reinstalling

Sorry for my ignorance, I just new to pacman… what is the command to dowload deltas for the new release Cassini and how to check the release in the terminal? I didn’t find anything both in the EndeavourOs site and around the net.

Thanks in advance.

EndeavourOS is a rolling release distribution so you don’t need to reinstall it to get the latest packages

Simply update your system with sudo pacman -Syu


Merci bien! Alors je l’ai dejà fait! Je n’avait pas compris comment function le ‘rolling release’!
(Thanks! So, I just did it!, I did’nt understood how ‘rolling release’ works until now!)

Names like “Cassini” refer to the version of the ISO release, not the installed system. The installed system does not have a version, it’s rolling release.

So, @erik is right, just keep your system updated, and you’ll be on the latest version.

However, the new ISO brought some new features, like soystemd boot and Dracut. Your installed system will not automatically switch over to those when you update (that’s actually a good thing, if you think about it for a few seconds). You can keep using the old systems, GRUB and mkinitcpio, that’s fine. Or you can manually switch to Dracut and soystemd boot.


Hi, i tryied sudo pacman -Syu and yay but my endeavour doesn’t upgrade do Cassini. What can i should do? Thanks.

What do you mean? What happens when you run it, do you get an error?

How do you know it isn’t upgrading?


I m sorry, i had been not exaustive. i am using only lts kernel and i noticed that 6.1 lts is still missing in endeavour repository doing:
yay -Ss linux-lts.
it gives me just linux-lts 5.15.x.x
More, it also misses in cassini neo.
I guess I have to wait for it.

Even though 6.1 is an LTS kernel, the package is still at 5.15. Lately, upstream has been waiting until the next version is released to update the LTS package. I assume this is so that linux-lts and linux aren’t at the same version.(Which makes a lot of sense)

Where are you expecting to see this?

i guess that soon or later i will see the lts kernel 6.1 disposable for upgrading doing yay.

As many have said above, the version names only apply to the iso downloads for getting EOS installed. So when you upgrade your system, it’ll just seem like a normal update as EOS doesn’t have version numbers.