How to update Global Themes/Icons in KDE 6.0

Hi friends.

I downloaded this Global Theme for my KDE 6.0 EOS from Global Theme > Get New…:

But some of the icons don’t seem to integrate correctly:


In the rest of the system it does seem to have all icons of the same theme.

I think it may be that this Global Theme is new and still needs to create new icons.

My question is how can I update my Global Theme if a new version is available?

Is it automatically updated as a package when I update using “yay” from the terminal?

Or should I go to “Get New…” and update it there? Or should I uninstall it and reinstall it to get the new version updated?

Thanks in advance friends!

This or a reboot (if the previous request from the creator)

I use discover for this, unless the theme is installed from the repos or aur Pacman or Yay etc won’t pick it up

only if installed from the repos

If you want to make life difficult

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@nicknick how did you get discover on EndeavorOS

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To get discover sudo pacman -S discover

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You may not be aware of the KDE Global theme incident. Here is a related article.

It is advised to install/update global themes manually, to be safer.

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That is most likely the case. In Plasma 6, icons that used to be provided by the Plasma theme are supposed to be provided by the icon theme now. However, not all 3rd party icon theme developers have updated there themes to do that. I know my favorite one Papirus has done some work towards that direction, but it still isn’t perfect.

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Thank you


Discover is something like the Arch/Aur store, isn’t it? (I’ve never used it)

Does that mean that from Discover, you can download packages from the Arch/Aur repositories, but also from other packages, like the Global Themes from the KDE Store?

I guess not all Global Themes are available in the Arch/Aur repositories right?

I tried to look for information on the official github for the Sweet Ambar Blue Global Theme, but it doesn’t say anything about repositories, so I guess it’s only available from “Get New…”, which is something different from Discover, if I’m not mistaken, since KDE doesn’t come with Discover.

“Get New” is a kind of store for Global Themes only, I think.

No no xP, I always want the easy way, but I didn’t even know that Global Themes could be installed from Arch/Aur.

So which is the easier way, install it from Terminal (in case the Global Theme is available), or install Discover and search for Global Themes from there?

Hi friend.

Welcome to our beautiful forum and sorry it took me so long to respond.

Unfortunately I have never used Discover and have always installed everything from Terminal.

But I think our frieds below already helped you. I hope you were able to fix it! : D

Thanks for the information my friend, I have read the whole article.

But I’m noob, what do you mean when you say “manually”?

Do you mean download the package from Firefox and install it via commands?

Or do you mean install it with “yay” from Arch/Aur repositories?

Thank you for the information. The Global Theme I’m using, was released several weeks ago, so I guess we’ll have to wait for it to be updated little by little.

By the way, I just saw that Icon Theme, Papirus. It looks high scoring and very up to date.

What’s so special about this Icon Theme? It looks nice but, is it the same as the default icons, or are they different icons? It also reminds me of the Windows icons, if my memory serves me correctly.

Downloading packages from the repos in Discover is not recommended. I think you can safely manage flatpaks with it.

The majority aren’t most are on the KDE Store or Pling

I would say the easier way is to use Discover

Download and extract the theme and copy it into the right directories

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Yeah Papirus is one of the most well developed icon themes on linux.

I couldn’t tell you. I’m just using it cause I like it. I don’t know too much about design or what is considered to be flat or what material design means.

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