How to update a specific package, without doing a full sys update?

As per tittle, I want to update only Firefox. Thanks

sudo pacman -Sy firefox

But wait a second. Partial upgrades are not healthy for your system. It can break stuff.

Edit : for future readers - I posted this command only for sharing knowledge. Its not supposed to be run. Its a bad habit to partially upgrade system. I don’t want to be promoting bad practices.

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Understood, that’s why I was getting a warning. Will wait a few days, and do a full sys update then. Thanks

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You get updates regularly on Arch/ Arch based distros (like EndeavourOS).

You can update daily, but once a week is sufficient. (I do once a week)

Firefox/Waterfox will complain if you don’t update them. I just ignore the warning till my next update.

I know @flyingcakes gave a warning, but I just want to make sure it’s said again. Unless you’re very very sure about what you’re doing with a partial update, don’t do it. It is by FAR the fastest and easiest way to render your setup broken and unusable.


Example: You’re probably not going to break your system with a partial firefox upgrade…but if you do a partial systemd upgrade? Lord help you. Just don’t do it.


Even the Lord will be shy of helping me :rofl:


Firefox 88 is built against icu=69, so a full update is necessary.

It’s always necessary.

"Full update or bust"


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