How to uninstall software/package which I Installed via PKGBUILD

I just install portmaster on my endeavour os using the given instruction on the given safing website
this was installation instruction via PKGBUILD:

# Clone the repository
git clone

# Enter the repo and build/install the package (it's under linux/)
cd portmaster-packaging/linux
makepkg -is

# Start the Portmaster and enable autostart
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable --now portmaster

Now I don’t know how to remove/uninstall the package/software?
Anyone here to help me out?

yay -R <package-name>

You can just uninstall it like any other package

sudo pacman -Rs portmaster
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Can we use

yay -Rcns <pkgname>

to remove the package along with its added dependencies ?

It says

error: target not found: portmaster
 -> exit status 1

No success!!!

error: target not found: portmaster
yay portmaster | grep installed

Will give you the package name.


yay -Rs 

Would be enough. It removes the package and it’s dependencies

yay -Rcs

Will remove a lot more packages than you want it to

So, in which usage case this command should be used ?

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Thank you, got the concept.

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