How to uninstall Firefox without leaving residue

I want to uninstall my Firefox completely without leaving any residue and without taking anything else with me or breaking anything.
Just sudo pacman -R firefox or sudo pacman -Rsn firefox?
What about codecs?

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You also want to delete these from your home directory if you really want no residue.

  • ~/.mozilla
  • ~/.cache/mozilla

Note that this means you’ll lose your history, bookmarks etc and upon re installing Firefox, you will NOT get those back.


I have saved ~/.mozilla permanently anyway. I was also more concerned about any dependencies.

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Dann ist das in Ordnung

via DeepL

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You could also run this command to see any other package with Firefox in the name. (like locales)

yay -Q | grep "firefox"

Remove them if you don’t need them too.

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Thanks @flyingcakes , I had hoped for something like this :wink:

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