How to sync Add/Remove Software application theme with the local theme

I am using dark theme in the KDE Environtment. And I am having an issue, The dark theme (Settings on Bottom Right) cannot be applied on the Add/Remove Software management (Top Left).

I believe that must be something is missing on the local package. Do i need something or config something so I can get the dark theme in the Add/Remove Software Management? (This also apply to all application from yay installation)

What is the application you are using for software management? is it GTK app or QT app?

Looks like its GTK App. Since it shipped with the installation and has GNOME interface

Wait I just realize its pamac gui

yeah GTK and QT don’t always play nice together

Manjaro Garbage that explains it

Are you sure you are using EnOS and not another Arch-based system which includes pamac in the installation?

EnOS doesn’t ship pamac with the installation. Users, if they want to, need to install it from AUR.
That is, pamac is available in neither Arch’s official repos nor EnOS’ own repo.


There is an app in the AUR called ‘gradience’ which you can use to change the look of GTK4 apps running in Plasma environment.

To change the theme on GTK apps you need to go to the bottom left option on the first screenshot and apply it here. I don’t use many GTK apps on plasma but the ones I do all work with the theming set this way no matter the theme as I don’t use pamac I can’t say if this is the case here

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Also this looks like Plasma not Openbox