How to sym link one directory to another?

The thing is i have a 1tb drive mounted in my home directory under the Public folder that i use for backing up stuff. But rather than having a seperate home directory i just have a single root directory. Now all the usual home directory names like documents and downloads and music and videos exists both in my home directory and on hdd thats mouned in the home Public directory. So what i want is that when i save anything to /home/username/Downloads, it goes instead into /home/username/Public/Downloads. The problem is both directories exist and i have tried to ln -s /home/username/Downloads to /home/username/Public/Downloads or the other way around what i end up with is a Download directory link inside the Download folder so i end up with home/username/Download/Download folder or /home/username/Public/Download/Download folder which is not what i want. Am i making sense yet? not working like i had envisoned… Someone knows what to do?

First I’d recommend not to use ~/Public as a mount point, but some word that is not reserved, e.g. ~/Data. Then move the folders like ~/Downloads under ~/Data. Then make the symlinks, like ln -s $HOME/Data/Downloads $HOME/Downloads etc. (see man ln). Note that you might want to edit your ~/.config/users-dirs.dirs, see man user-dirs.dirs. That provides another solution.